Paris is a city that everyone must experience at least once in a lifetime. Known for its art and fashion, the French capital is one of the most amazing cities in the world that attracts people from all corners of the world for several fascinating monuments, age-old museums, and breathtaking architecture.

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Get a closer view of Paris from the Seine

While landing in Paris, passengers’ catch a weaving stream of the Seine reflecting the finest, “golden” architecture of palaces and residential houses in the daylight and 36 illuminated bridges in the evening. A river cruise after sunset is one of the most pleasant flirts with Paris one can get (a boat cruise every 30min. till […]

Five Tips for a Rendezvous in Paris

Where to invite the dearest and nearest if not to Paris offering many hidden spots for strolls and entertainments! We have toured a few lesser-known venues for you. If dating in Paris choose the small inner Park of Belleville having a quiet urban atmosphere. It’s tucked between white blocks of flats, yet providing an extraordinary […]

Paris in 3 Days

Get ready folks – we are going to show you how you can experience an amazing Paris vacation in three days! Day 1 Get your notepad and pen ready because this is going to be the art seeing, wine drinking, fun fest you’ve always dreamed of. Once off the plane take the metro to downtown […]

Free Things to Do in Paris – It Can Be Done

There are some really great free activities in Paris.  Some of the best things in life really are free! Discover why Paris is called the ‘city of light’ by strolling after dark. Paris is aglow in lights with the Eiffel Tower being the crowning glory festooned with over 800 strings of astounding white lights. If […]

Cost Cutting Strategies For Paris

The time of year that you visit Paris greatly influences the price you will pay for accommodations. Parisian rooms are priciest during mid-January’s fashion week, Easter through June, September, October and Christmastime. The best value hotels are in the 11th, 12th, 18th and 20th arrondissements. Hotel Beaumarchais in the 11th, for example, is a 32 […]

Always wanted to travel to Paris? Consider working, studying or volunteering there!

Paris is an amazing city that really cannot be truly appreciated in a short trip.  One way to really enjoy the city is to plan an extended stay.  If you can spare the time, working, studying or volunteering in Paris is a terrific way to immerse yourself in the Parisian culture. Working – If you […]

Dining Out During Your Paris Vacation

Dining out as much as possible should be an important consideration when planning your Paris vacation itinerary. I compiled a list of absolute must dine locations for every Paris visitor. Gaya – Part of the bistro modern trend happening in France right now, Gaya is considered the baby bistro of its much more expensive parent […]

Three cities (besides Paris) that you may want to consider visiting

Here are three cities (besides Paris) in France that you may want to consider visiting during your own trip to France. Lyon – Lyon is the second largest city in France and is filled with great museums, delicious cuisine and wonderful shops.  Easily reached from Paris, you’ll want to visit the famous Opera of Lyon.  […]

Paris Tours You Cannot Miss!

Here are my five favorite Paris tours that I hope you’ll enjoy the next time you visit the city of lights! The Paris Pass – While not really a Paris tour, the Paris Pass is your ultimate tool to seeing the best attractions in Paris.  Prices vary based on the dates and number of days […]

Eight Reasons To Travel To Paris

Ahh… the city of lights – the city of love.  There is nothing quite like Paris in the springtime!  Well, have you had enough of my cheesy clichés?  Well, I truly believe there is no other city quite like it and I recommend that everyone visit at least once in his or her life. These […]

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